Originally from Zimbabwe, African beauty Makosi Musambasi made headlines on hit TV show ‘Big Brother’ UK Season6. From 2005 till now, she has grown into a strong, Independent, hardworking woman. With her own Tv show – ‘Makosi today’ to air soon in Nigeria, I caught up with her for a brief chat.


Tell us more about Makosi?

I  am African woman born in Zimbabwe, Business minded, lived in the Uk for 13 years And currently between Nigeria and my home country at the moment.

How was your experience in the Big Brother house and what impact has it made?

It was a crazy, fun, exciting and revealing experience for me, Ive learnt how to behave and be more cautious in my actions at all times. I was young then and a little carefree but the experience has made me more careful and groomed me into the woman I am today so i’ll say it was a life changing experience.

What were the Positive and Negative effects of such exposure and attention?

That’s a good one! I will say on the positive side it gave me more exposure and recognition which has helped me socially and Business wise, it’s much easier for me to network with people. The Negative side…’s not easy to swallow when every time you walk out of your home you see yourself in the Newspaper and its always something negative you know!..I felt very choked and judged at all times but God saw me through.

How often do you come to Nigeria?

I’ve been in Nigeria for a while now because of my Tv show, other than that I shuttle back and fort.

Your Tv show is based in Nigeria, why not your country?

I chose Nigeria because I really love It here, the networking is great and the people are very, respectful and very ambitious which keeps you on your feet at all times. My show Makosi Today is filmed in Surulere Lagos so I’m here most of the time.

Your not seen in any Social Event in Nigeria, why is this?

After my experience in Big Brother, its created a new and reserved me, I really don’t fancy going out or acting crazy like I did before, I rather just watch the show or event from my couch.

Do you watch BigBrother?

Not really but Ive watched the African season and I loved Goldie.

What is your typical day like?

It depends on the day but it usually starts with my prayers, morning exercise then off to the studio for some filming, lunch, more work and then run some home errands and I’m home.

Do you ever miss living in the Uk?

To be honest no!..there was a lot going on, crazy roller coaster plus life there is ridiculously expensive. There’s no place like home.

Whats your Favourite Nigerian meal?

Plantain and Jollof rice .

Favourite Nigerian musician?

2face, Tiwa Savage, Iyanya

Favourite fashion Brand?

I love a lot of the but Chanel is my true love.

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