Levres Lipstick by Ldivaa


Ldivaa Cosmetics is a Luxury make-up line vision of designer & CEO Lara Odumosu. It embodies a modern resurgence of timeless beauty. With its classic designs and product developments using the best formulas from the past. Ldivaa brings today’s women of the world effortless beauty and elegant style.

Give us a brief Introduction?

I am Lara Odumosu Adegbenro, British born Nigerian, I studied TV/Film Production at Leeds University. I love creativity, fashion sports and the camera *Wink*.

What inspired you to start a lipstick line?

It all started about two years ago, I was well known for my loud retro lip colours and used to get asked alot what exact brand or shade lipstick I was wearing. It was hard to answer as I just used to mix different colours to get my desired look, then I decided to look into making my own brand.

So far how challenging has it been for you to bring your brand into the market?

Its not been easy, from the moment you have an idea and you begin to share with others, they just laugh at you and discourage you. Nothing comes easy but I believe in myself and I am a fighter so every challenge that came my way was a stepping stone for me to progress to the next level of my business.

What response have you gotten, positive and negative?

I have gotten positive response so far. Its funny cause I havent gotten any negative feedback. If you check on twitter and facebook you will see a lot of testimonials from real women and girls happily posting up their pictures, showing how beautiful they look with their Levres lipsticks on.

Why did you choose to make Candy Pink and Coral Red?

The candy pink and coral red are just the first of many colours and shades to come, I am well known for my bright pinks and reds, so I thought why not start with those, the next collection coming up in 2012 will come with more fiery colours. The new collection will be called ‘Levre Chaudes’ by @Ldivaa.

What advice can you give to upcoming female entrepreneurs?

Never think your ideas are stupid.Get started on them and you wont believe how far it will take you.At the end of the Day you will never know till you try. As for strong girls like me, giving up is never an option so get up and start working on your idea NOW.

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