Liz Yemoja ‘Tv Presenter Ben Tv’ UK

Who Liz-Yemoja?

I’m an African woman born and raised in Lagos Nigeria but lived and schooled in the UK for about 20 years now.

Why TV presenting? Was it a childhood dream or a choice of career?

It wasn’t really a childhood dream but I’ve always been a ‘people’s person’, I enjoy talking, gisting, communicating with people in general. I always wanted to be a lawyer at school, and everyone around me including teachers had always said I’d be very good at Law. But as things turned out, I ended up in consulting upon graduation, and it was only during my formative years that I considered a career in presenting. I’m this kind of character – what Liz wants, Liz works hard at getting. I worked hard to forge the TV thing for myself

How do you balance the pressure from having two jobs?

It’s a lot of hard work. I get to the office by 8:30 and close at about 6. Like anyone else I have bills to pay, so I’ve got to be realistic hence why I work. The whole ‘Liz Yemoja’ thing is a full time job in itself, and of course joggling that with full time work is not easy. but I’ve somehow managed it thus far, but fingers crossed I get my ‘big break’ soon and can focus on my passion full time which is presenting/entertainment in general.

How do you feel when your interviewing Nigeria’s best of the best like 2face, Mo-hits etc?

It feels incredible. I still get a buzz interviewing Mohits and project managing The 3rd Kokoconcert. It was an amazing and invaluable experience. When I interviewed 2face, I introduced him (like he needs any introduction) and He kissed my hands,I got butterflies. One of Africa’s finest is kissing my hand, it feels great. Each and every one of the people I interview inspire me, I’m a music lover, lover of the arts so it’s lovely to finally meet the people that I used to jam my mini disc player and walk man to or those I watch in movies. I attended a tiffany Amber show with Genevieve sometime ago and ‘Walahi’ I was properly star struck!

I’ve witnessed how heads turn when you step into a place, how overwhelming is it for you?

*now blushing* I swear me I’ve not noticed how I turn heads…Lool. But yerr,’s nice to be appreciated. What I like most is when people encourage me and tell me I’m doing a good job, it keeps the passion burning stronger. I love what I do, but it’s great to be appreciated.

Your fashion style is incredible, how do you stay creative and classy at the same time?

I definitely don’t see myself as a ‘Fashionista’ but I make a small effort in my own little way (budget permitting). I try and keep it simple. You’ll never see me in anything too complicated, but I think fashion like everything else defines you…so what you wear says a lot about you. You don’t need to put on designers to look good. I mix and match and wear what I feel I look nice in always. Am not a trend whore… never have been. When everyone started wearing those ‘herve leger dresses’, even though I thought wow they look nice…but mhen I wouldn’t be caught dead in it… not my own style (tummy not flat enough lool)

Do you enjoy Being a TV presenter?

I love it! I really do. I feel blessed and privileged. Don’t get me wrong, its hard work….well at least it’s harder than it looks, but I love it!

From meeting you I will say you are a confident woman, has that contributed in bringing you far in life?

Yes…definitely!! I’ll also add that it has its cons.. i.e. when people mistake it for arrogance. However I don’t think you can afford to be shy in my line of work. Also entertainment in general (esp. Us Naija’s) is male dominated. You’ve got to learn to stand up for yourself otherwise you get taken for a ride. I’ve learnt lessons along the way, but yes confidence has brought me this far.

Your Hair Is always fabulous. How many hours do you spend on your hair each day?

I’m not a hair person…As in, I don’t know how to fix up my hair, and any of my close friends will tell you that. But I’m conscious of the fact that I can never look a mess so I take time out to visit the hairdressers. I try and go every other week, anyone who follows me on twitter knows my routing because I’m always moaning at the hair dressers. AGAIN!! But looking good is good business right?!!

From your tweets I can tell you are a ‘shopper holic’. Is shopping a way of easing stress for you?

I always like to believe I don’t have an addictive personality, but deep down I know my days of entering rehab for shopping are not far away! . The worst part is that I’m an online shopper, so you can do it anywhere right away.

What advice can u give to young women out there?

No#1 is God; stay close to him, where there’s a will there’s a way and the universe always has a way of aligning itself to help us through the ups/downs of life because all Na by his grace. No#2 stay focused.. Its relentless but the rewards will be worth it!

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