Marian Kekurah Nollywood Actress and Movie Producer

The Sierra Leone beauty Marian Kekurah who spent most of her life in the UK has been enthused by the Movie Industry and has been acting since the age of 19. Featured in a few Movies, Marian has successfully found her way in Nollywood where she can actualise her dream of being a Movie Producer. She tells us more about her work, family and life in this Inter view With Lola Ajayi.

Give us a Brief introduction.

Im Marian from Sierra Leone, a qualified Nurse living in London and an Actress.

How did you get into acting and Why?

I started acting at 19 back in Sierra Leone, my parents watched African Movies all the time and I became passionate and enthused by the social life and inspiration of Nigerian actors which inspired me to involve myself and follow the same cause.

How challenging has it been for you to stay in the movie industry?

It’s been very challenging but that comes with every Job. I love what I do so I’ve learnt how to cope with the difficult times. Nothing in life comes easy like my MUM always says.

Name a few Movies you’ve been on?

I Have done a couple of movies in London and Sierra leone “Mistresses, Do I deserve this, Human Hair Hustlers, House of Demons”….amongst many others. I’ve featured in other Nollywood movies which will be aired soon.

What Distinguishes you from other Actress?

I bring my Sierra Leone touch to my craft, the way I talk, sound is different and most Movies Directors look for Actresses from different Cultures and are Versatile. So I’ll say that’s what makes me different.

How challenging has it been for you as an upcoming Producer?

Its been very difficult most especially because this is not my home country, so breaking into the Nigerian Movie industry is a lot of work, you have to be on top of your game but with God anything is possible and I believe I’ll get there soon.

When should we expect a New Movie from M.Kekurah Media Production?

Soon….I have shot a few movies which will be out “Icons of War and Schooling for the Rich” so stay tuned.

How often do you have to travel for work, both internationall and locally?

Ohh gosh I travel very frequently to the point that when people ask me where I live my reply is always London..Nigerian and Sierra Leone…”big laughter”….its terrible!. I’m in and out every minute non stop,but is all good at least I’m getting jobs.

Do you live in Nigeria now or you just come for visits?

Well I’m mostly there to work and I recently rented an apartment in Lekki so I will say 50% of me lives in Nigeria.

What will make you reject a Movie Role?

Anything I know my parents cannot sit and watch I wont engage in, I want them to stay proud of me like they’ve always been.

How will you define your style?

My personal style varies. It just depends on the occasion and my mood…”smiles”…I like to go for different looks always.

What advice can you give to aspiring Actors?

My advice will be follow your dreams, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.You can do it if you believe in it….STAY BLESS AND PRAY ALWAYS..!




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