A brief introduction?

Well… My name is Fatima Togbe but people close to me call me Kiké. I was born and raised in the US to a French/Beninese father and a Nigerian mother. I’m a graphic and digital media designer, ex-model, linguist and founder of Hayati Magazine.

What is Hayati Magazine?

Hayati is a Muslimah lifestyle magazine. It’s one of a kind and is easily the classy, conservative and modern alternative to Vogue and Harpers Bazaar for Muslim women.

What inspired you to start a Muslim Magazine,Give us a brief journey on how it all started?

I was inspired by the simple fact that I’m a fashion lover. I have always been an avid reader of Vogue, Elle and Harpers Bazaar, but the minute I decided to dedicate myself more to my religion, the way I dressed inevitably changed. I was no longer looking at Herve Leger’s mini dresses and other designers backless tops. Instead I was looking for more conservative clothes which I could rarely find in those publications. In an attempt to search on-line for international magazines, I realized that although there were a few, none could compare to Vogue’s content. So as a side project, I decided to start my own magazine. And here I am today, 8 issues later with a full blown magazine.

How has the response been from your readers?

All of our readers love Hayati! I am constantly getting emails from women around the world encouraging me to keep going.

Is Hayati strictly for Muslims? are there issues that can be applied to Christians?

Majority of my friends are Christians and they all love my magazine because it cuts across all boarders. Our content is vast from food recipes, to current fashion, to in season accessories, beauty advice and more. None of which is specifically for Muslims. It is just for a fashion forward conservative crowd, which everyone from Hindu, to Jewish to Christian can relate to.




What’s your Typical Day Like.

Man!!! A typical day is waking up with both my phones in hand, emailing and making sure I am up to date with what’s going on in the muslimah world. After praying I’m immediately in front of my computer till my tummy tells me I’m hungry. Then ill quickly go to the kitchen grab something and eat it in front of my computer till its time to eat again. Basically I spend my days in front of my computer.

Where can we find Hayati?

Hayati is available on our website www.hayatimagazine.com. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr and polyvore.


What Inspires Your Fashion Style.

I love anything I look good and feel comfortable in lol. I’m a girl at the end of the day. But my style is mainly influenced by my religion. When I shop I shop with 3things in mind: is it long enough, does it have sleeves and can I wear a scarf with it. If it fits then ill wear it.



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