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A Brief Introduction?

Hello… firstly Thank you for asking me to do this interview I’m extremely flattered and grateful. Well to some I’m called Jojo Lara which is short for ‘Joanna Omolara’ and I am a UK based  international model. I’m Half Nigerian, English and Irish, I’m also a student and presently studying at the University of Kingston in Surrey.

How was Your Childhood Growing up?

Growing up I didn’t come from a conventional home, however I’m extremely grateful to God, I wouldn’t be who or where I am today if it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t come from a perfect background. Growing up I always leaned more to my Nigerian side, I grew up on Nollywood and Indomie lol. Growing up my mum was amazing and she always did her best for me she pushed me to be the best I could be.

What Made you Choose Modelling?

I actually wanted to be an actress more than a model and I didn’t take modelling very serious, although I enjoyed it but I didn’t really believe I had what it took to go far with it,  so I just did the jobs that came my way but didn’t really put myself out there as a model, however over time my love for modelling and peoples interest in me started to grow and I decided that I would take it more serious and that’s how I got here today.

How did you feel at your First Fashion Show/Photo-shoot?

Of course I was nervous, even a year later when I’d done quite a few you can still feel nervous working with new people and wanting to deliver, you just have to get over it as nerves show in your face and in your body.

How do you Feel about the Controversy of being a Size 0?

Luckily for me, I’ve never had to worry about size personally, I am naturally slim and I eat when and what I like… for now lol . I see a lot more plus size models out there and I think that’s great!!!  Fashion will inevitable have to give into the beauty of a curvy woman. However I do anticipate I might have to deal with that in the near future, until I cross that bridge I will continue to enjoy myself.




What is Life like as an International Model?

Fun and exciting but also inconsistent and unpredictable. I enjoy it 100% it comes with difficulties that most people don’t get to see, but I’m lucky to have a strong support network, and if I dare to say an amazing fan base.

What does it take to be a Model and to book Jobs most importantly?

Hard work, dedication and prayer. One has to remember that nothing is just handed to you as a model the faster you get into it the better for you as time is not on your side as a model, you have to put yourself out there but in the right way! Being able to handle rejection, being prepared to work under crazy conditions and remaining humble in all you do.

If you were not a Model what other Profession will you Pursue?

Asides from modelling I have a strong passion for acting which I’m looking to explore in the near future. Also I  love property; Real Estate, Architecture and Interior Design.

What are you Guilty Pleasures ‘Food Wise’?

Yam, Eggs and cornbeef ask anyone that knows me lol !!!

What’s your everyday Beauty Regime?

The things that are most important to me in my everyday beauty regime are:

1. making sure my face is complete clean and free of make-up.
2.steaming my face from time to time !
3. Green tea and vitamins

Advice to people trying to Pursue a Modelling Career?

My advice to anyone trying to be a model is to research any one you want to work with thoroughly don’t put yourself in danger or in compromising positions, build your portfolio as soon as possible and go to as many castings and agencies as you can you have no idea who will like you one good job could potentially make you!




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