Seyi Shay

Seyi Shay

Who is Seyi Shay?

I’ am an Entertainer, I sing, I dance, I perform…Born and raised in the UK to Nigerian parents I came to Nigeria in 2012 to embark on my Solo Music Career.

Do you Write your own Songs? And where do you get inspiration from?

Sometimes I write my own songs and sometimes I collaborate with some of my favourite song writers.

What is your Favourite Process in bringing your Song to Life?

I often hear the music, think of a mood or topic and then I go into the booth and Freestyle lyric and melody. The song REALLY comes to life when I finally perform it on stage with dancers or live band.

Tell us More about the Making of your Single ‘Irawo’?

The making was pretty much the same process as the above, only this time I was inspired by the doubt in my mind at that time of becoming a ‘so called star’. I decided to reconfigure my mind and confess with my mouth that I could be a star if I believed it and so could you if you believe it. Sometimes the more you say it, the more real it becomes.

You posted a picture on Instagram with you and Beyonce’s Father….Like seriously!..How do you know him?

Mathew knowles managed my former girl band for 4 years before I moved to Lagos. We still have a good relationship and he is still a mentor of mine.


Your Video ‘irawo’ was very nice and edgy ‘my opinion’ how did your Fans, family and Friends Respond to it?

Everyone loved it and celebrated it with me. It actually trended on twitter for 2 1/2 days.

It was slightly Similar to Beyonce’s ‘De javu’ Video, what made you choose her style?

We borrowed styles from Beyonce, Kerry hilson, Rihanna and Mike okiri and his Rhumba dance video.

You have a New Single ‘Killin Me Softly’ ft Timaya, how did the song Come about?

This is not a single. It’s a leak that went viral. I just asked Timaya to bless me and he obliged. The official single is called Ragga Ragga and is out soon.

For Readers who haven’t heard your Music, Explain your Sound?

I would describe it as Afro Pop, Soul, Ragga Undertones and RnB.

If I turn on your Phone, ipod, ipad… what Favourite Songs/Artist will I see on your Recent Playlist?

You would see everyone and everything from, hip hop, RnB, rock, contemporary, reggae, pop, Afro beat. I have a vast love for music.


If you Could open up for an Artist on a Gig/Tour who will it be?

I’ve already done that for Beyonce. The next acts would be Rihanna, Kanye west.

Any Feature Songs With Beyonce as you are all One big Family?

Only God knows! That would be magical. We are not family by the way. Lol!.

5years from now¬†you will be…?

About to embark on another world tour, saying bye to my spouse and kid/s.

Any upcoming Shows, Single, Album, Tour, party…we should look out for?

Join us at the Hennessy club tour across Nigeria, Mary J Blige Soul Divas concert, Lagos jazz series in December and many more. Keep up to date with me on Twitter. There are also new official singles coming soon ft Kcee the Limpopo king.

Where we can Find you Online?

Twitter @iamseyishay FB SeyiShay INSTA @iamseyishay

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