The Studio

 The studio

Brief introduction?.

My name is Olamidun, I live and own a business in Abuja- The Performing Arts School of Nigeria (also known as) ‘ The Studio’.

How was Life Growing up?

I lived in Oyo State ‘Ibadan’ till I was 9, then lived in the US for about 11yrs. Whilst studying in the United States I took dance classes for a long time and my passion for performing Arts grew stronger.

What is the Studio about?.

The Studio is a centre for Performing Arts. A place where kids are welcome to come after school and take classes with us. We encourage kids to discover talents and work hard to develop them. We provide a positive outlet where children can channel all their extra energy outside of academics.

What prompted you to create the Studio?.

Opening up a performing arts centre is something I’ve always wanted to do. With The Studio, I’m starting on a smaller scale. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I’ve always had a passion for this sort of thing so I just started somewhere and soon enough, my dream became reality.



Do the kids have 2 have special skills?..Or they can join any activity of their choice?.

No, there’s no special requirement to take a class with us. We love to be the ones to help your kids discover and develop their talents. We believe every child is good at something so we welcome all.

What activities/classes are lined up for the kids?.

We offer karate, creative workshops, music (vocal and instruments), theatre, hip-hop dance and ballet/modern dance classes for kids. We also specialize in tutoring/lessons and homework help. For adults, we offer dance aerobics and yoga.

What are their age groups?.

Ages 3-13.


The studio


What has your experience been like working with kids?

Its been amazing soo far, we are like one big family and we sure have lots of funny moments.

Do you go for School Trips or participate in Tournaments?.

No school trips in particular but yes we participate in competitions and performances for The Studio and other schools or organizations.

How many hours do the Lesson Run for?.

Each of our classes is an hour long and at least three times a week.

At the end of a completed programme what do the kids get?.

It depends on the class and what level achieved. For example, in Karate, we issue karate belts and certificates. In the ballet/modern and the music classes, we issue certificates as the child moves to a more advanced level.


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Where are you Located and Where can people find you online and contact?.

We’re located at 9 Ajesa st. Off Aminu Kano Crescent in Wuse 2 ABUJA.



Phone: 07069077906 & 092915061


The studio


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