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Brief Introduction?.

My name is LohiOgolo and I am passionate about all things Nigerian and African food. I am the editor of the premier Nigerian food blog, Lohi’s Creations. A food columnist with the Punch Nigeria, a food consultant and a certified chef

What is Lohi’s Creation About?.

Lohi’s Creations is foremost a lifestyle website for Nigerian food. It has now grown into my food consulting, catering, and event Design Company.

Why did you choose to become a chef?.

I realized after graduation with my first degree that I was not happy in the career path I had chosen,. I had always liked to cook and entertain and a friend asked me to pursue it further. I decided to try because there is nothing wrong with trying and the rest as they say is history.



How do you come up with New Recipes?.

For new recipes, I test ingredients that are not normally cooked together. Like using pepper soup spice as a base in a Burre Blanc sauce. It is always a case of trial and error and sometimes it comes out amazing and other times it does not.

If you had to cook a nice meal in 30mins what will it be?.

My go to 30 minute meal is spaghetti with meat sauce and a bit of parmesan cheese. It is so quick and can be so delicious!.

Longest time you’ve ever worked without a break in the kitchen?.

Lately my work days have been very long. I can start cooking as early at 8am and I am not done till about 7pm. I might seat down for a minute or two here and there but not long extended breaks. This is what happens when you try to cater for big parties by yourself! Do not do it. Lol.

Chicken stir fry


Most memorable Kitchen disaster?.

I am not a baker. At all. I can try and some things might come out well but I am not a baker. I remember the first time I tried to make cheesecake. Lets just say the result went to the garbage so fast!.

If a Client asked you to Cook Something that wasn’t in your Menu, how will you handle such request?.

My menu allows for clients to bring suggestions to me and I try and much as I can to accommodate their requests. As long as the ingredients are easily accessible and I have a recipe, anything is possible.

What is your favourite cuisine to cook?.

I am biased when it comes to Nigerian food. So I would say Nigerian. I think it is because I feel like we have so many ingredients that can be used in so many ways and in a lot of different a dimension that have not yet been properly explored and that is what I hope to do.

Banga soup

African Salad Abacha


Something you’ll like to improve on in the kitchen?.

I am not organized in the kitchen. As a chef, we are taught to clean as we go but once I am in my kitchen, I forget all of that and pile! It is such a bad habit and I am working on it.

Example of a Winter menu you would prepare?.

Since I live in Canada and it is very cold in the winter, you need something hot that would keep your sinuses active during the cold months and keep you warm. I would start with a goat meat pepper soup. Ofada stew with basmati rice for the main and a pumpkin spiced hot chocolate with whipped cream to end the meal.

Do you offer Culinary Services for Events…?.

Oh yes. I cater for all kinds of events. I do African Menu’s, Afro fusion food and any continental dish that is requested.

Corned beef hash and eggs

Suya Spiced


Where are you Located and how can people find you Online and Contact?.

I am located in Toronto Canada but I am open to travelling anywhere in the world for work as long as it is an amazing opportunity.

I can be found online at www.lohiscreations.com
TWITTER: @lohiscreations
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/lohiscreations.

For contact information please use the contact me page on my website.



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