Toke Makinwa


Who is Toke Makinwa?.

Toke is a media personality from Nigeria, a Radio and TV presenter, a skilled compeer of events, budding actress and so much more.

Why Tv presenting/Radio? Was it a childhood dream or career Choice?.

To be honest I think it’s a mix of both, I have always loved Radio.

Give us a brief Journey on how you came into the Radio Scene?

I started my radio career at the age of 19 when I got offered a slot on a Saturday radio programme for youths at Coolfm 96.9. I got so caught up doing this until my mum heard me on the radio and lets just say She didn’t approve but that didn’t break my spirit.
After my University education, I packed my bags and moved to the UK with one thought only, “If I make it there, they will see and want to support me”. Lets just say that didn’t work out and I came back home, got my NYSC done and settled into the life of a banker. The opportunity came up when I heard Silverbird was hiring, I auditioned and the rest is history.

What’s your Typical Day Like?.

It is really busy, a lot of people think being a media personality is just fun and not work, truth is, it is really tough! The fun part makes it pleasurable and bearable but for you to remain good on the job you have to be willing to push. I call it HUSTLE! The hustle is indeed real.
I am up at 5am everyday, the morning drive is the most important show on every radio station, it is the wake up, drive to work, keep drivers from falling asleep, entertain and inform show and that is alot of work.
Tv is easier than Radio because if you are good looking you can sell any product, when you have to rely on your voice to lure listeners in and keep them wanting more is the challenge.

You started a Radio Show “Rhythm of the Night” How did that come about?.

When I got hired I was put on the night show called the “rhythm of the night” when I think back those days were fun!… I love the shift I’m on now But it shows progress, even the Holy Book says “do not despise the days of small beginnings” that show shaped me, it made me the presenter that I am today. I learnt a lot, I made all my radio errors too and quickly learnt from them. You also find out how many people suffer from insomnia and how easy it is to talk to strangers, Lol but it was a good show.

How was the Response from your Listeners?.

They loved it, 5 mins into the show and the phone lines were buzzing, the listeners made the job worth it and I quickly ran out of room for friends on Facebook LoOOL!.



Tell us about VHS (Video Hit Show) and when to expect it?.

Its a Music Video Review Show. When I read the script I fell in love instantly, Africa is fast becoming a huge part in the Music Industry and Nigerian Music is growing by the day. When You hear a Nigerian song you instantly know what you are listening to and our videos are becoming so much better than a room full of people and one camera on the floor with everyone fighting for a spot.
The Vhs show takes a look at the effort the Artist, Director, Producer and Film-Maker put into creating great videos for all the songs we love.We have finished recording the first season, It will be out sooner that I even know.

Tell us about your Blog and Vlog..What is the Idea behind it?.

My Blog is a one stop shop to everything Toke Makinwa. It is solely about me, fans and friends can find out updates about my taste in fashion, food, lifestyle and so much more.
The Vlog on the other hand is something I am passionate about. It is my dream to be the host of my own Talk-Show someday and starting off by your self in Nigeria is hard. It is expensive and can also take it toll. So I thought why not start putting out this videos, gain the Momentum and God willing that which you are looking for will find it’s way to you.

What inspires your Fashion Style?.

Elegance Comfort and sexy!.I love to look good, I can stare at pages of magazines for days and imagine looks, play dress up and so much more.

Favourite Fashion Brands?.

They are so many……Louis Vuitton,Prada,Gucci,Alexander Mcqueen,Celine,April by kunbi, Toju Foyeh,Tiffany Amber,Vonnecouture,Mimi Lee much more!.

What you cant leave your house without?.

My Sun glasses

Any upcoming shows we should look out for?.

I like to surprise the world, you never know… Lol.




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