Who is Lola Rea?.

Lola Rae is an African, British based singer/ song writer . A young lady trying to achieve greatness.

How was growing up for you as a child?.

It was amazing; I lived in Nigeria for my childhood and I truly loved it. I loved the morals I learnt, the people and the culture. Living there truly shaped me as an individual.

What inspired you to do Music?.

Wow, my father has always been a huge music fanatic. I remember when we were younger he would throw these amazing parties and the focal point of the party was the music. Secondly, my older sister she really inspired me to do music, she is a great vocalist I would sit there and try and imitate her from time to time.

Your Single (watch my thing go) is a big hit,How did it all happen?.

Thank you so much for the compliment it really does mean a lot to me. Honestly it was a mixture between God (praying/ fasting consistently), meeting my producer P2J who really believed in me and pushed/ trained me and working very hard. That was my third song I had ever recorded in my life and it has been one of the biggest blessings thus far.

You also featured in High with L.O.S, and its amazing, are there any new collaborations we should be expecting?.

Yes, you know your stuff ! That is one of my favourite ever recordings of my self actually ! God willing there would be I have a few with some incredible artist but would keep that as a mini surprise *cheeky smile*.

Breaking into the Music Industry is not easy, how do feel knowing people love your tune?.

The music industry is one of the hardest industry’s to try and break and trust me when I say we have only just started in Jesus name. You know I was performing the other day and when ‘Watch My Ting Go’ came on people started singing the lyrics and dancing hysterically, I actually began to cry! Something that started in a studio, a little room to believe it has come to life like that is truly unbelievable and is a blessing.


Who’s Your Favourite Nigerian Artist?

I have quite a few, love Tiwa Savage, there would be no me without her she paved the way for all us Afro pop females! Wiz kid his flow and work ethic is insane!

How was the experience in shooting Watch my thing go, any challenges?.

Because it was my first ever shoot and I am an absolute control freak I wanted to do everything myself, because I’m always so – sometimes to eager to learn. But it was amazing I had all my friends and family in the video supporting me, no better feeling honestly.

What’s you Typical Day like?.

I’m always with my producer P2J always recording, dancing, as of recent exercising trying to get my body in its best shape possible and a lot of planning. I’m always thinking what’s next, how can we do this, that and the other.

Favourite Designer

I have so many ! In fact to many to mention, the list will be to long trust me *covers face*! Currently loving African print though.

What you can’t go a day without?.

My make up collection – I LOVE make up.

What should the entertainment industry be expecting from Lola Rae?.

Ah just a lot more great music, I really want to show people that I don’t just want to do music and have fun on stage its beyond that for me I really want to make a change, a positive change for females in this industry. Make it easier for the younger generation to come.

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