Brief introduction and background?

My name is Nara ozim, I’m a Lagos based Make up Artist. I started doing this professionally in 2014 after a few years of practice.

Why makeup!. Was it a childhood dream or career choice?

I’ve always loved Art and the idea of being able to express yourself through art. Growing up I loved drawing and enjoyed getting my friends glammed up, so naturally I grew up wanting to do makeup professionally.

What is the most important quality In a Makeup artist?

A makeup artist has to be creative because no one wants old, boring and repetitive. In addition, it’s very important to make sure your work is neat.

What fascinates you about your line of work?

It’s always exciting to be able to come up with a creative idea and express it through makeup on a client/muse. I also enjoy meeting different people with different backgrounds and different stories.

Tell me something about you that would surprise or shock me?

I’m self taught and have never gone to makeup school… yet!.

How do you prepare different skin types before applying makeup?

I ensure I wipe down everyone’s face with cleansing wipes and use a suitable primer depending on your skin type; oily, dry or combination. It’s also important to wash your brushes before using them on any clients face.

Choose your favorite cosmetic product and sell it to me?

NARS! They make makeup products for every skin tone and skin type. Their products are affordable for the amazing quality.

How do you handle when a customer asks for a makeup style that isn’t suitable for them?

I make sure I give my customers what they want. however, I always try to make sure it suits them as much as I can. Sometimes it’s not easy trying to convince them otherwise so I just give them what they want to the best of my ability.

Your favorite things to do when you not working?

I enjoy going out and discovering new places to eat in my city. You’ll also most likely catch me watching a movie on Netflix or listening to music when I’m not working.

Your best qualities as a person?

Not to toot my own horn but I’m a very hardworking, focused lady. I also would say I’m very compassionate and thoughtful. I love putting others first.

How do you cope/motivate yourself to hit your target on a slow day?

I’m always yearning for ways to expand my creativity so a slow day for me means more time to learn and look up new makeup techniques. I always keep myself busy and remember why exactly I started this.

What makes a great customer experience?

It’s always satisfying to see my customers beaming with happiness after a session. I love it when my customers come in on time, know the look they’re going for and allow me to perform my magic.

What makes you different and stand out from other makeup artist?

My work is very natural and I make sure to enhance one’s beauty rather than turn you to an entirely different person. Not a lot of people know how to do that.

Where do you see yourself in 3years?

In 3 years, hopefully my career would have moved to the next level, I’d have a bigger studio space and more clientele.

You can find me on social media @makeupbynara_


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