Chef Muse

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Muneera Tahir. I am a Professional chef and also a Chef Instructor at Red Dish Chronicles. I am a go-getter, a trend setter and a culinary gangster.

How did the journey as a Chef start?

Might sound a little cliche but I’ve always loved cooking. It probably didn’t start out as love per say because my parents forced me to learn, but as I grew older I decided to take it up professionally and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Where and how were you trained as a Chef?

I went to culinary school at Red Dish Chronicles Abuja in the year 2016. Best year ever.

What are your Top 5 recipe archives?

I am not a hoarder of recipes because I create more recipes everyday. I guess if I was to pick my top 5, i’d pick em based on how much engagement was received by people. They are; Carrot 6 ways, My signature Bole, Yam quiche, Indomie paris brest and the deconstructed kilishi.

If you had to cook a meal in 30mins, what will it be?

Definitely a seafood pasta.

Do you follow food trends? Which excites you at the moment?

Yes I follow food trends, Its amazing to see food through the world’s lenses. Right now I am obsessed with the Turkish chef who cooks whole lambs and cows to share to the people in his community. What’s more amazing is how he handles this task effortlessly, cooking a whole cow to perfection. It’s mind blowing.

Briefly walk us through inception to actualization of a recipe in your mind?

Most days I walk into the pantry, get a load of abandoned ingredients (I hate wastage with every bit of my soul) and then I set out to create art. On one of these encounters, I ended up making a meal of Fish and chips that looked like noodles. I make do with whatever ingredients are available and create art.

How do you choose the desired artistic flare for platting your dishes?

I am all about things looking pretty. From food to clothes to cutlery, I want it all to look good. We can talk about the practicality later but I need things to look great always. Maybe it’s got something to do with vanity but I am all about the visually and aesthetically pleasing, so I channel this mindset into my craft thats why I mostly have edible flowers in my dishes because flowers are the prettiest and we don’t appreciate them enough. I am bringing
flowers back, edible and otherwise.

What’s your favorite comfort food?

My favorite comfort food is Eba. You hate to hear it but I love it.

A Chef you admire and why?

I am in love and infatuated simultaneously with Wolfgang Puck. How his mind works is something I would love to study. I look up to him and hope to meet him someday. In my opinion, he’s the lord and savior of the culinary industry in America and dare I say The World.

A few required skills for a competent Chef?

Improvisation. A chef must be able to improvise in situations where there’s unavailability and still make it look like no improvisations were made. A great chef must also be able to think ‘not inside a box or outside a box’, but without a box entirely. You have to unlearn to relearn and then execute to perfection. A great chef must never be content. You must always strive for more as the world is abundant with knowledge and food so go out there and find it.

How would you describe your personality?

I am a carefree woman. I am open minded, always ready to embark on new adventures and I never turn down a great chance to party.

What motivates you?

Hunger is my biggest motivation. Hunger beats fear as Nature’s greatest motivator. I am hungry and thirsty for success and that just gets me going hard everyday.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I hope to be better and greater than I was 5 years before.

Where can we find you online?

I am on instagram and twitter @Chef_muse, ready and set to show the world a different side to food.


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